Cuban Visions3: Economics 101 part of the Cuban Visions Film Series

Not for all ages due to strong language. Performance lasts 2 hours 15 minutes with no intermission.
Cuban Visions Program 3: Economics 101

La Singular Historia de Juan sin Nada (The Unique Story of Unlucky Juan) / Directed by Ricardo Figueredo Oliva / 52 min. / 2016 / Documentary Feature / Spanish with English subtitles

The Unique Story of Unlucky Juan is a comprehensive, accessible examination of the particularities of the Cuban economy. Using a fictional worker named Juan as an example, the film shows how the economy affects the daily lives of ordinary citizens – and how badly it squeezes those who don’t have access to hard currency.

Post-screening presentation: Director Ricardo Figueredo Oliva and other invited experts based both in the U.S. and Cuba will discuss the current state of the Cuban economy and Cuba’s new constitutional reforms. Other potential panel participants include Cuban blogger (La Joven Cuba) and journalist, Harold Cárdenas.

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