Please Donate to our 2017/2018 General Fund

#73101A Raised $54,462 towards the $60,000 target.

Since 1911, the Athenaeum Theatre has been home to some of the most diverse theatre, dance, and music performances in all of Chicago. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit art organization, we keep our rental prices low and our service level high.

Funding for improvements to the building come entirely from our modest $2.00 restoration fee on each ticket sold and donations from our patrons. However, only 10% of these funds come from donors like you.

We can only spend what we take in to make necessary repairs and improvements.

We can do so much more with the help from donors like you.

Your tax-deductible gift will help us achieve our ambitious goal of raising $60,000 towards our end of year goal for 2018 in upgrades and improvements!

Great Art Deserves A Great Home, and our home needs your help.

The Athenaeum Theatre is 106 years old and our beautiful Main Stage, as well as the public spaces and the very structure of the building itself, are in need of critical repairs and upgrades. In 2018 we have the challenge of raising over $200K in funds to address the following:

  • $90,000 for tuck-pointing and exterior repairs to brick and limestone
  • $75,000 for upgrading woefully outdated and undersized bathrooms
  • $23,000 in upgrades to sound and lighting systems in our three studio theaters
  • $10,000 for a professional grade projection screen for the Main Stage

While we have over $1 million in projects that need to be done, the list above will allow us to keep the Athenaeum open and safe, which will enhance our ability to continue to keep building our business and increase attendance.

The Athenaeum Theatre is dedicated to providing an affordable home for Chicago’s performing arts community. Currently, we are home to eight resident theatre companies, over a dozen dance companies, and the offices for 15 not-for-profit performing arts organizations. Every dollar we collect is reinvested into this building to keep it a safe, comfortable and technically up-to-date home for music, theatre, and dance. Your gift will benefit all of these groups today and for years to come.

Thank you for supporting the arts in Chicago.

Allan Chambers – General Manager, Athenaeum Theatre

Jeff DeLong – Director of Marketing & Development, Athenaeum Theatre


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