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Since our centennial year in 2011, Athenaeum Theatre Productions (ATP), the not-for-profit organization that manages the building, has brought a new vitality and energy to this beloved arts center. Our success could not have been possible without our donors.

The Athenaeum is facing one of our greatest challenges in 2019/2020: raising $260,000 for repairs to the exterior structure of this beloved building.

We need to make these repairs in short order to continue to safely operate the theatre. While we realize concrete and brick repair is not the most exciting fundraising cause, ATP believes there is no more important cause than continuing to provide a supportive and dynamic home to non-profit members of Chicago arts community.

Funding for improvements to the building come entirely from our modest restoration fee on each ticket sold and donations from our patrons. However, only 10% of these funds come from individual donors.

We can only spend what we take in to make necessary repairs and improvements, and we want to do so much more here. Great Art Deserves A Great Home, and our home needs your help.

Pie chart showing that 81% of funding for the theatre comes from contributions for the theatre restoration fund, 10% comes from donors, and 9% comes from grants.

While we have over $3 million in projects that need to be done, addressing the exterior of the building will allow us to keep the Athenaeum open and safe, which will enhance our ability to continue growing our audiences and continue to improve and maintain the Athenaeum Theatre for future generations.

The Athenaeum Theatre is dedicated to providing an affordable home for Chicago’s performing arts community. Currently, we are home to several resident theatre companies, over a dozen dance companies, and the offices for 15 not-for-profit performing arts organizations. Every dollar we collect is reinvested into this building to keep it a safe, comfortable and technically up-to-date home for music, theatre, and dance. Your gift will benefit all of these groups today and for years to come.

Thank you for supporting the arts in Chicago and being the reason for the success of the Athenaeum.

-The staff and board of the Athenaeum Theatre