Athenaeum Theatre Productions (ATP) have not been spared the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic like many organizations around the world.  We continue our work and prepare for a post-Covid world where we will be following all the necessary regulations from local, state, and federal governments. Until we can reopen and welcome you back, we hope that you will help us with a donation today.  Any support in any denomination helps ATP to survive and to continue to build on the 110 year history of the Athenaeum Theatre bringing performances, speakers, comedians, and more to our stages. 

The staff have been actively staying in touch with patrons, scheduling future events, working with organizations that may be able to utilize the building within social distance standards, and continuing to update and make improvements to the building. This historic Lakeview landmark needs plenty of care and repair to accommodate the thousands of people who are welcomed here annually, and we need your support. 

Funding for improvements to the business and building come entirely from our modest business and restoration fees and donations from our individual donors.

Pie chart showing that 81% of funding for the theatre comes from contributions for the theatre restoration fund, 10% comes from donors, and 9% comes from grants.

In addition to the larger headliner events on the mainstage, ATP is dedicated to providing an affordable home for Chicago’s performing arts community. Currently, we are home to several resident theatre companies, over a dozen dance companies, and the offices for 15 not-for-profit performing arts organizations. Every dollar collected will be reinvested in ATP’s continued survival to assure safety, comfort and a technically up-to-date home for theatre, dance and music. 

Your donation has a multiplier effect benefitting all of the artists and organizations that consider the Athenaeum Theatre their Chicago artistic home for their development, growth and live entertainment.

Thank you for supporting the arts and artists in Chicago and contributing to the ongoing mission of Athenaeum Theatre Productions at the historic Athenaeum Theatre.  

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