The Yellow Rose Theater   presents

Gigi’s Party: LIVE STREAM

If you have everything, what becomes your everything?

Gigi’s Party: LIVE STREAM
The perfect option for audience members who may not yet feel comfortable attending in-person, but want to enjoy the show!

It is 2058 and Gigi lives in a world where disease is eradicated and the human life span has doubled. The current technology seems to outpace the human struggle? In a world where 3-D printers produce everything from a replacement organ to a new party dress, what place does the idea of a soul have? What may seem like Sci-Fi today, is truly the reality of tomorrow. 

You are cordially invited to Gigi’s party to experience how a people who seem to have it all deal with depression, family obligations, the complexity of monogamy, and of course, the eternal question of the meaning of existence?

This is event will be Live Streamed on ZOOM.

To purchase tickets to the In-Person event, please follow this link.

April 24 - 25, 2021