Chicago Cat Rescue & Tree House Humane Society  presents

Internet Cat Video Festival – Meet and Greet with Lil Bub

Hosted by Lil Bub and Mike Bridavsky

Internet Cat Video Festival  – Meet and Greet with Lil Bub

Very few things in life have the power to shoot lasers made out of rainbows and annihilate a horrible day. That’s why the gods of cute sent us the one and only Lil Bub! She’s cute, she’s magical, she comes from outer space (obviously!) and best of all she is real! Everyone’s favorite magic space cat, Lil Bub, and her dude, Mike, will be doing a super special meet and greet before the start of each show! Now is your chance to meet Lil Bub in person, pet her and tell her how wonderful she is, and even get a special print signed by the one and only Lil Bub!Your Meet and Greet ticket purchase benefits Lil BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets, Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society! To learn more about Lil Bub,
100% of the profits from the Lil BUB Meet and Greet will benefit Tree House, Chicago Cat Rescue and Lil BUB’s Big FUND.

Your $100 ticket gets you:

  • a chance to meet and pet BUB one on one
  • a photo with BUB
  • a limited edition, numbered, signed, paw-printed, and personalized BUB art print commemorating the event
  • an extremely generous and much needed donation to animals in need

To learn more about the beneficiaries, visit:

Link to purchase tickets to the INTERNET CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL + THE LIL BUB MEET & GREET

September 19