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Los Secretos De Santa Monica

Santa Mónica de la Punta Gorda is the multicultural town of the popular radio series, ¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente!. In this small town we see the adventures, conflicts, romance and differences that its residents experience. Santa Monica has secrets that, in one way or another, affect everyone. Los Secretos de Santa Mónica is a theatre production written and produced by Latinos, with an original sound score. It is entertaining, comical, dramatic and intriguing.

Santa Mónica de la Punta Gorda es el pueblo multicultural de la popular radio novela “¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente!” Aquí ocurren aventuras, romances y diferencias entre todas las familias. Santa Mónica guarda secretos que de alguna manera afectan a todos. Los Secretos de Santa Mónica es una obra llena de diversion, música, romance, comedia e intriga. ¡Te cautivará!

This show is for both Spanish-speaking and English-Speaking audiences as it is performed in Spanglish.

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