Main Stage

ATHENAEUM THEATRE MAIN STAGE  (Click HERE for a seating chart.)

The main stage is available for rent year-round at affordable rates





Photo by Paul Grigonis

  • the main stage seating 984 people
  • 3 studio black boxes seating 67, 81, and 89 people
  • Curtain Call Club seats 55 people – concessions, receptions and a great cabaret space





  • location — 2936 North Southport Avenue between Wellington and Oakdale in Chicago
  • in the Lakeview neighborhood
  • great restaurants with theatre discounts
  • convenient public transportation
  • two metered parking lots — at Oakdale and Southport and on Oakdale behind the theatre building
  • street parking is available



  • full box office service
  • set your own ticket prices
  • notice on the Athenaeum’s web site and in regular electronic newsletters
  • one time use of the mailing list
  • creation of a mailing list of customers attending your event
  • advertising discounts through the ART League, the League of Chicago Theatres, TheatreMania
  • concession service – wine and beer- pre show, intermission and post-show
  • full front of house provided, staff house manager and ushers for performances through The Saints

Photo by Paul Grigonis



  • grid height is 41′ 9″ and the roof height is 56′ 2″
  • proscenium opening is 42′ 8″ wide by 20′ 8″ high.
  • stage dimensions: from Center to SL Wall is 44′ 0,” from Center to SR Wall is 44′ 1,” from Center to the back wall is 32′ 6
  • equipped with a light (Strand 520i) and sound system
  • electrical service capacity of 800 amps/400apms per contact/single phase
  • 141 dimmers — 1-24 @ 2.4kw, 25-39 @ 3.6kw,
    40-45 @ 6kw, 46-141 @ 2.4 kw
  • rep light plot – 90 elipsoidals, 18 Fresnels, 30 Source 4, 20 Source 4 PAR & more
  • additional lighting instruments are available to rent on site
  • additional equipment can be obtained elsewhere without restriction
  • seven dressing rooms with bathrooms and 1 shower
  • loading door is 7’5″ from the ground, opens directly onto the upstage wall, forklift rental may be needed
  • all utility costs included such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning

ATP Tech Rider – Mainstage 2017.pdf
Athenaeum – Main Stage – Stage Ground Plan

* please note we are constantly upgrading the Athenaeum’s performance spaces. Call to confirm you have the most up to date specs.



Allan Chambers at 773.935.6860 ext 301