Getting to the theatre early is your best bet. There is plenty of free, unrestricted street parking in the area around the theatre west of Southport.

There is a parking lot behind the theatre, which we share with St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. Enter this parking lot on Oakdale St. There is a second parking lot on the corner of Southport Ave. and Oakdale St. Enter this parking lot on Southport Ave. Note: The St. Alphonsus lots  have a “Pay and Display” system in place. $2.00 an hour (increments of $2, only) $6.00 maximum until midnight. There is no overnight parking in these lots.



The Pay Station machines have instructions (see copy to the left) and rates posted on or near them in both lots. The machine in the Southport lot is located between the in and out driveways. There is one machine in the Oakdale lot. Should a machine not work for some reason, please pay at any other machine, making sure that the receipt gets onto your dashboard.

The lots are patrolled and cars which do not have the proper receipt in the front window, will be towed even if you did pay! If you park and pay for a short amount of time and stay past the ending time printed on your receipt, you must pay again since your parking receipt will have expired.

Please read and understand the instructions posted in each lot since the theatre can not help you in the event you are towed. Please note: The machines take credit cards or cash and exact change is required. The box office is unable to supply you with small bills for these machines. Cars left in the lots past midnight are subject to being towed!

If both parking lots are full, there are two City of Chicago parking lots within a few blocks of the theatre.

1. Ashland and Barry Aves.–go 2 blocks WEST to Ashland Ave. and 1 block NORTH to Barry Ave.

2. Belmont and Greenview Aves.–go 1 block WEST to Greenview Ave. and 2 blocks NORTH to Belmont Ave.

Public Transportation:The closest “L” stop is the Brown Line at Wellington Ave. Then walk 5 blocks WEST to Southport. Turn LEFT on Southport and go to 2936 N. Southport. For bus and train schedules, contact the CTA at (312) 836-7000, or CLICK HERE to be directed to the RTA trip planner


If you are coming from either direction via Lake Shore Drive:

1. Take Lake Shore Drive to Belmont Ave.

2. Exit at Belmont Ave. and travel 1 mile WEST to Southport.

3. Turn LEFT at Southport and go 2 blocks.

4. Our address is 2936 N. Southport.

If you are coming from the North or Northwest:

1. Take Interstate 90/94 EAST to California Ave.

2. As you exit the expressway, you must turn RIGHT on California Ave.

3. Travel on California Ave. for 1/4 block to Diversey Pkwy.

4. Turn LEFT on Diversey Pkwy. and travel 14 blocks EAST to Southport.

5. Turn LEFT on Southport and go 2 blocks.

6. Our address is 2936 N. Southport.

If you are coming from the South:

1. Take Interstate 90/94 WEST to Armitage Ave.

2. As you exit the expressway, turn RIGHT on Armitage Ave.

3. Travel on Armitage Ave. for 1/4 block to Ashland Ave.

4. Turn LEFT on Ashland Ave. and travel 10 blocks NORTH to Wellington Ave.

5. Turn RIGHT on Wellington Ave. and go 2 blocks EAST to Southport.

6. Turn RIGHT on Southport.

7. Our address is 2936 N. Southport.

If you are coming from the West or Southwest:

1. Take either Interstate 290 or Interstate 55 EAST to Lake Shore Drive or Interstate 90/94.

2a. If you are taking Lake Shore Drive, see “Lake Shore Drive” instructions.

2b. If you are taking Interstate 90/94, see “South” instructions.