Allan Chambers at 773.935.6860 ext 301

3 studio Theatres are available for rent year-round at affordable rates
• prime time by the week
• for off-nights events by the day
• for rehearsals, auditions, etc. by the hour


• 3 studio black boxes seating 60, 81, and 87 people
• the main stage seating 984 people
• Curtain Call Club seats 49 people – concessions, receptions and a great cabaret space


• location — 2936 North Southport Avenue between Wellington and Oakdale in Chicago, in the Lakeview neighborhood
• great restaurants with theatre discounts
• convenient public transportation
• two metered parking lots — at Oakdale and Southport and on Oakdale behind the theatre building
• street parking is available


• 4 performances weekly on Thursdays though Sunday
• off-night openings free
• full box office service
• set your own ticket prices
• general admission seating policy
• notice on the Athenaeum’s web site and in regular electronic newsletters
• one time use of the mailing list
• creation of a mailing list of customers attending your event.
• advertising discounts through the ART League, the League of Chicago Theatres, TheatreMania
• concession service – wine,beer soft drinks, packaged snacks for pre-show, intermission and post-show
• ushers for performances through The Saints


• equipped with a light board and sound system
• minimum of 22 lighting instruments (10-6×9 ellipsoidals and 12-6″ Fresnels, 3-6×4.5 ellipsoidals, 2 -6×12 ellipsoidals), and assorted cable
• additional lighting instruments are available to rent on site
• additional equipment can be obtained elsewhere without restriction
• 24 hour access
• each studio theatre has its own dressing room
• all utility costs included such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning

* please note we are constantly upgrading the Athenaeum’s performing spaces. Call to confirm you have the most up to date specs.

Contact Kevin Scott, Technical Director 773-935-6860 ext. 306