Slow Burn Live in Chicago

From Slate, “Slow Burn” is back with Season 2, and now is your chance to experience the hit podcast series live! Join us for our first-ever nationwide tour with host Leon Neyfakh, your guide to everything you never knew about Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and the scandal that nearly ended a presidency. The “Slow Burn” team will hit the road to Chicago after the season wraps to keep the conversation going.

Host of WBEZ’s “Making Oprah,” Jennifer White and historian Jennifer Whitewill talk to Leon about how the Clinton era looks through modern eyes—and what it was like to live through it at the time. Enjoy a live performance of an all-new, original “Slow Burn” story exploring the mysterious forces that steer history. Prepare to hear about Clinton World characters you’ve forgotten or never knew about, and to reflect on whether the past is more—or less—than a series of arbitrary chain reactions.

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